Bringing a Smile to Faith -Room Redo

Client: Faith's Room Redo

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Project Type: 

Raine Building partnered with Savvy Giving by Design and Be Happy Interiors. We’d like to share with you a story about very special person. Meet Faith—she is a Colorado Springs kid who is battling cancer. We undertook a project to redesign and remodel her room to bring a smile to her face. On July 19, 2016 at the age of 14 she was diagnosed with stage four alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Her bone marrow is severely weak and she was placed on an oral chemo. Faith made it into remission in December 2017 however, she re-lapsed on December 19, 2018. They had to replace a new port in January 2019 as the tumor or a new tumor had grown on her lower pelvic and metasta-sized into her bone and bone marrow and into arm her ribs and lymph nodes in her pelvic area. As of today she is on oral chemo and she is supposed to be taking 50 mg daily but she cannot because her bone marrow is too weak. The doc-tor has lowered her dosing in hopes that her bone marrow will heal to where they can give her full dosing of 50 mg. She has been bed ridden since 2016 with inability to do much because she’s lost a lot of muscle. During her remission it took six months for her bone marrow to heal to the point where she wasn’t neutropenic. They found out recently that it has cleared her bone in bone marrow but it still remains in her pelvic area. The doctor hopes that they can clean it out of her main mass which is sitting at the bottom of her spine. However she cannot take the full dosing which is a concern of the doctors. Faith is a talented artist, passionate photographer and loves watching her favorite make up artists on YouTube and applying those techniques to herself and friends. And of course what girl doesn’t love everything Disney!! We are so excited to have helped give her the make up vanity area she was dreaming of! Faith’s room was completed 1 day before her 18th birthday and she was in love with it.

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